Rejected for the 2016 London Marathon? The club has 2 places available. Do you qualify?


The club has been allocated two places and in order to clarify the eligibility rules for members' participation in the CAC ballot for London Marathon club places, the Road Running Sub Committee are pleased to advise the following criteria:-

a) You must have first applied for a place in the London Marathon via the public ballot and have received an official rejection. The rejection letter/email must be presented to Rachael Thomas, Road Running Secretary. It must be for the relevant year i.e. a rejection letter dated 2015, if you are applying via club ballot for London Marathon 2016 AND

b) You must be a fully paid up member of Cornwall AC and have been a member before the 31st January in the year that you applied via the London Marathon Public Ballot and were rejected (e.g. you must have been a fully paid member before the 1 January 2015, to apply for a club place in 2016 London Marathon) ALSO

c) You will not be able to apply through the club ballot if you successfully obtained a club place and participated in the London Marathon in the previous year. This is to ensure that people who have not had the opportunity in the previous year, have more chance the following year

 d) You will be expected to have represented the club in local races on a regular basis during the time leading up to the marathon.

If all these criteria are met and there are less members in the ballot than there are club places, the Road Running Committee reserves the right to relax these rules.
In all cases of dispute, unforeseen circumstances or lack of clarity in the rules, the final decision will rest with the Road Running Sub Committee. Anyone wishing to apply for a place via the club ballot must accept that there will be no appeals and agree that this decision is final.

If you would like to be considered, please contact Rachael Thomas by Monday 2nd November. Thanks.

Author: Rachael T - Date Added: 26/10/2015 at 17:14:40


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